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The medical information contains this blogs. Palm cards are for educational, non-commercial use only. This information does not medical advice, always introduce yourself. Ask permission before examination, avoid hurting the patient listen to the instruction carefully do not forget observe the patient for example hearing aid. Avoid using the word may be, I think. do not bad case affects your subsequent examination.

Clinical exam tips

For attitude towards the problem, keep your examination brief and relief. Take your time, if you uncertain ask and clarify. There will easy marks for washing your hand before and after. There will be easy score for basics communication skills, think before you speak, make safe your numbers.

 Professional in all your mock patient interactions. Easy way to save your marks. Full independents Practice, reading the question properly  and answering  what is asked of you accurately. This include discussion after the exam, you done the exam after don’t discuss duplicate exam content with your peer.  

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